Aztec/Tribal Book Shelf Makeover

Aztec/Tribal Book Shelf

Aztec/Tribal Book Shelf

The inspiration for this came about when i saw these amazing Aztec Artwork on google .The colors the shapes the patterns is what attracted me to the idea and i just had to incorporate it some way or the other. I’m not like the best of artists who can precisely draw patterns or designs. I mean this stuff is pretty labour intensive and intricate but the end result is just amazingggggggggg. I mean just look at this Aztec phone cover.

Aztec Phone CoverAnyways onto the makeover. The book shelf before was just plain ugly. I mean i have never seen anything look this bland as i am about to show you

The before First i painted the whole thing bright yellow. Like the brightest yellow i could think of then i painted all the window pane area in multiple colors from green to silver to orange to black because Aztec is all about color.

I also decoupaged the Shelf which is basically using glue or modge podge and pasting news paper or magazine paper onto the area.



As you can see i purposely didn’t do a perfect paint job beacause firstly thats how i roll 😉 and secondly i like it when i get to see the brush strokes.Anywaysmoving on i stenciled out some hexagonal shapes in silver in later posts il show u how i stencil and the tonnes of stuff i have stenciled all over my house.

So yeah now for the fun part the aztec part.So basically i cut out a million different designs from ofcourse magazines. You can use anything from colored paper to fabric to anything funky or colorful. I cut them out in triangles, strips, circles, semicircles you name it . And it wasn’t even perfect thats the beauty of it.

Aztec Art Magazine Paper Cutouts

Aztec Art Magazine Paper Cutouts

I like the imperfection of it so basically cut out the designs and just paste them all over. I didn’t have to go over the hassle of applying glue because the paint was already wet and the cut outs adhered automatically .

Aztec/ Tribal Book Shelf After

Aztec/ Tribal Book Shelf After

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