Repainted Wall Hanging

So i have tonnes of old/vintage paintings lying around my house with very solid frames around them. Love the frame hate the painting so this is what i came up with. I dont have a before picture but just visualize a painting with trees, river and sky just plain olé boring. I mean don’t get me wrong i love nature but seriously looking at the same painting since the day you were born i mean no thank you.

Now it hangs oh so beautifully in my room. I just repainted it completely in one color which i love this minty green. Added some glitter on the corners i mean how can you say no to some bling and i had this picture frame in my room which was in the color red so i spray painted it gold and just glued it in the middle. Doesn’t it look so cute!

Old Wall Hanging Repainted

Old Wall Hanging Repainted


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