Sunburst Mirror Diy

Sunburst Mirror

Sunburst Mirror

I was looking around on the internet and seeing all these cool sunburst mirror ideas.

I found this idea of making one with magazine paper and then spray painting it to whatever colour you want and that’s it done you have a sunburst mirror. I mean how easy is that and so pretty.

So with that said i started off with making my own sunburst with the tonnes and tonnes of leftover magazines in my house.

So basically this is my spin on the sunburst mirror. I started off with rolling and rolling  and gluing and gluing what seemed like a billion magazine papers and my partner in crime my little Foofa was right there with me in my madness. Magazine RollingYup lying in bed rolling away. I’m really bad at taking pictures when im in the middle of making anything craftsy. So maybe a picture of my cat will help :). Anyways i rolled away magazine papers in different sizes in a cone shape you know to give some depth and texture and then before gluing it on the canvas i taped it together so they didnt end up rolling all over the place. As you can see in the picture below

So yeah this is how i kept on going until everything was filled. The funny thing is the canvas that i am gluing it on was also one of my DIY creations back when i was like i dunno maybe 15 years old .I felt like Da vinci when i created that masterpiece okay. Anyways onto the sunburst so when i had done all the rolling and the gluing i sprayed painted it gold. And then added tonnes of glitter to cover the dark fabric in the centre and of course added smashed pieces of mirrors you guys could use a full mirror but hey i love broken mirrors what can i say 😉

Sunburst Wall Art

Sunburst Wall Art

And then you’re done. Your very own Sunburst Mirror.

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