Chevron Makeover DIY

Chevron Makeover on a Towel Cabinet

Chevron Makeover on a Towel Cabinet

You guys will later on find out that i am basically the biggest i mean the biggest fan of Chevron . If i get to change anything the first thing i say is Why not just Chevron it ? and then everyone’s reaction is  Oh Lord here she goes with the Chevron. But anyways i think you can never go wrong with Chevron 😉 A little Chevron never hurt no body that is all i have to say :p.

So onto the DIY the cabinet looked like this beauty before



I mean I don’t have anything against brown but I just had enough of this brown cabinet so it was time for a change. So basically i took a cardboard piece and cut out a chevron pattern as you guys can see in the above picture. I stencilled it and then painted it with gold you guys can also hold it in place and spray paint over it ten times easier and faster. But i just wanted to go with the harder route and drive myself absolutely crazy that day so i just hand painted it :p.

But First i painted it all green and then i started off with the stencilling. Left the top area golden and the bottom part green.



Of course i just love it when i see the paintbrush strokes thats why i just left it as it is . This is like a take on the Chevron pattern as a true chevron is a zig zag pattern and obviously i love the original Chevron pattern to which I’ve told you guys before already so i have no idea why I’m repeating myself .Ahh my obsession with Chevron. I need help.

Any ways moving on i did the pattern on one flap for about 3 times meaning 12 triangles in one area hopefully I’m right maths was never my thing you see and don’t even ask me how many triangles in total I’m guessing i stencilled over a million ;p

And this is  how it turned out

Chevron Towel Cabinet Makeover

Chevron Towel Cabinet Makeover

Hope you Guys like it 🙂

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