DIY Mirror Makeover

Mirror Makeover

Mirror Makeover

This makeover came about directly from Sharon at  From the minute i saw the the up cycle version of her mirror I was  SOLD. So this is my take on it. And a shout Sharon for inspiring me Thank You so much.

The mandatory before shot



Yup that is the Before.

A sad little mirror and yes I did the glass painting on it but in my defence i did it when i was twelve years old so please be kind to me :).

So i covered my masterpiece with strips of Cardboard anything which could cover up my original “artistic” work .I sprayed the strips in gold spray paint and when that was dry added the gold glitter on top.

I equally divided the mirror in three parts and just cut out thin strips and placed them in the design that i saw on Sharon’s page.

And of course my little Foofa always has to stalk me wherever i go so her shot is a must 😉

My baby

My baby

When the strips were cut out and glued onto the mirror i let it dry for a day completely. And then i went ahead and hanged it on the wall.

There you have it such an easy way to dress up an old mirror. Right.

Upcycled Mirror

Upcycled Mirror


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