Make Your Own Chocolate At Home

Coconut Oil Chocolate

Coconut Oil Chocolate

diy hazelnut chocolate

I could not believe it when I made Chocolate with my own hands and it took only 15 mins from start to finish.Making your own chocolate at home without the abundance of sugar or preservatives which is loaded in store bought bars.

The easiest thing ever like why didn’t I do this before.

The magic ingredient is Coconut Oil. Find the best Coconut Oil and you are all set. The method could not be simple

Melt coconut oil add in cocoa powder and honey and THAT’S IT . CHOCOLATE has been created. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT.

I went crazy with the toppings from coconut filling so that it mimics Bounty, to adding all sorts of nuts from hazelnuts to Brazil nuts and sultanas. You can basically add anything rice krispies etc you get the point 😉

The recipie for this delicious chocolate is

4 tbsp coconut oil

1 tbsp honey

2 tbsp cocoa powder


Melt the coconut oil in a medium sized saucepan and add in the honey and stir until completely mixed. It will take a few minutes but keep on stirring until honey is completely mixed in , then from there add in the cocoa powder and mix thoroughly.

I used cupcake holders and a flat baking tray lined it with foil paper or cling film and poured in the mixture. It wont be that thick but more in a liquid state. From here i added in the toppings on the chocolate when it was still in a  liquid state .Freeze it for 15 mins and when you will take it out your home-made chocolate bar will be ready.

How amazing is that Right ?


I bought these Silicone Moulds to test out my chocolate.

silicone choco mould

I added in crushed hazelnuts  before pouring the chocolate so that when it comes you can clearly see a layer of crushed nuts on top and this is how it turned out. A perfect gift item.

diy chocolate

DIY chocolate

DIY chocolate


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