Table Makeover Before and After

Table Makeover Before & After

Table Makeover Before & After

So yeah basically i had no game plan for this table i just had to change it before i went crazy looking at the brown color. The pattern i wanted to go for was basically a Chevron and Herringbone mixture and this is what it ended up looking like i dont even know what to call it. :p

So anyways this is how it basically went down

The endless process it went through

The endless process it went through

i just went ahead and spray painted it Gold. The front and the sides. Then let it sit and dry

Then painted the top area black. And then again had to wait which seemed like forever before I could tape it and get this show on the road.

Painted the sides a nice sky blue to add that pop of colour. Then I taped it in whatever pattern came to my mind and spray painted it Gold again. Took of the tape and this is how it looks now.

Table Makeover

Table After the Makeover

I like the lines and how everything just goes together even though i had actually no idea what i was doing.

What do you guys think ?


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