Cute Table Makeover And Recycled Bottles

Table Makeover

Table Makeover

I had two small brown Tables lying around in the house and  they definitely needed a makeover.

I wanted to make them look cute and pretty when they were done and have like a rutic vibe to them.

So this is what i started out with

The Before

The Before

The tables before were brown in color so I  painted them with a Powder Pink color  in such a manner that you could see the brush strokes and the brown color from underneath to give it that “cottage” effect.

When they were completely dry i  went ahead with my Gold Paint and in a diagonal painted across the Top of it.

And that was it how simple and easy of a makeover.

Recycled Old Bottles

Recycled Old Bottles

Also the bottles on top were a DIY creation aswell 😉

I Spray painted them Gold and to make them go with the table i added some Pink Pearls in the front aswell as well on the Rim.

And there you have it two very simple DIY projects.


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