DIY Shag Pillow

Shag Pillow

Shag Pillow

Seeing all these shag pillows whenever i went to any home decor shop the DIY in me was like how can it be created at home. And my questions were answered when i saw this wonderful tutorial on shag pillows on V and Co the link is

The colour they chose for the pillow ahhh lime green super cute and there step by step tutorial was so easy that i needed to mention them because without it i wouldn’t have been able to create it :).

I had a maroon jersey material lying around and obviously the best part about jersey is that it doesn’t fray so it was perfect to be used for a shag pillow.

Maroon Shag Pillow

Maroon Shag Pillow

The steps in the link that i just posted were so easy that i don’t need to repeat here because they did such a good job at explaining everything so do check them out if you want to make one.

I’m so excited that it turned out so good 🙂

Shag Pillow

Shag Pillow


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