Lamp Makeover Drab to Fab

Lamp Makeover

Lamp Makeover

The lamp before was just a complete mess. I have never seen anything more sadder then this lamp so a makeover was a must because it was just one brown color hot mess. But i knew there was potential for something cute so the operation give the lamp a face lift began.

Lamp Drab to Fab

Lamp Drab to Fab

So first i started of with spray painting the base Silver Chrome and it instantly gave this metallic feel. Just look at it how it shines.

Now i was just left with this huge brown lampshade and a pop of color had to be injected somehow.A bit of “botox” as they say :p

Found a handbag which i was never going to wear in my life ever again but i didn’t want to throw it because it had some nice textured flowers on it as you can see below

So i went ahead and cut out all the flowers and basically just glued them all over the lampshade and It was done.

I love it. Now this lamp has a new home in my room before it was just neglected and thrown away in the basement.

What do you guys think ? 🙂




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