Table Makeover Drab to Glam

Table Makeover

table makeover

I was looking around on Pinterest and i saw all these cute mosaic mirror shards table. And i was completely  sold i had to make it ASAP. So i found this table the only table in the house left which i hadn’t touched with all my DIY craziness. It was time to make it pretty 😉

Anyways as you guys can see the before it had rusty sides and just an overall sad vibe. I started of BY spray painting it with my trusty old Silver Chrome spray paint. This is when i had given it one coat of silver

In the Process

In the Process

I went ahead and completely covered it afterwards. Then started the longest process ever. I started gluing my mirrors on the table i wanted each and every inch of it to be covered in mirrors. But  turns out i didn’t  have that many mirror pieces to begin with so i had to go with plan B. Which at that time didn’t exist  :p. So i went ahead and filled it with some tile filler or you guys could use plaster of paris and let it dry.

Next day i went ahead and cleaned of the tiler filler from the broken mirror pieces which was the most boring and annoying part. Overall i wasn’t feeling it at all the ratio of the tile filler to the mirror was way too high . So i went ahead and just spray painted it Gold. Which was a good and a bad idea at the same time. Good being it looked cute all rocky texture-ish. Bad being now i had to clean the mirrors again which i just cleaned a while back because of all the spray paint.

But anywho after all the hard work it did turn out pretty good.

What do you guys think ?

mirror mosaic table

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