Honeycomb Glitter Wall Art

Honeycomb Glitter Art

Honeycomb Glitter Art

Honeycomb Glitter Wall Art this came about when i had this abundance of glitter lying around so why not paste it on a rectangular canvas and bling it out 😉

So i went ahead spread some glue out and sprinkled the glitter on it. Half of the side was golden more like three fourth and then the other side silver and the opposite of it was on the other canvas.

Glitter Wall Art

Glitter Wall Art

The honeycomb design came about using magazine papers. Roll them and  with a pair of scissors cut circles out and spray paint whatever color you want i chose Bright Gold. I pasted the circles on a pieces of cardboard so they all sort of stuck together in one place.


Then when the glitter was all dry i went ahead and with thumb pins i attached the honeycomb since for some reason it wasn’t getting attached with the glue.

Honeycomb Wall Art

Honeycomb Wall Art

And there you have it . Done




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