DIY Wall Stencilling

Hand Stencilled Wall

Hand Stencilled Wall

This DIY project at first seemed so daunting and after looking at all these beautiful deigns all over the internet i had to have a stencilled wall.

So i went ahead and did my first wall and after that it was a snowball effect from one room to another to the lounge to you name it probably  my whole house is stencilled now.

To be honest it is a very lengthy process but the results are so worth it. For this you need a cardboard piece from which you will cut out your stencil. I cut out this design which i looked up on the internet.

Cardboard Stencil

Cardboard Stencil

As you see from all the paint stains that its been through alot ;). So basically you stencil the entire wall first with a pencil. I start from the top because sometimes the pattern isn’t cut so accurately that if you start from the bottom as soon as you reach the top you realize there’s not much space and you may have to draw a half pattern which i think doesn’t look cute.

Also your eyes directly goes towards the ceiling area no one ever looks down when they first see something right so even if the pattern isn’t full in the bottom its not a big deal because mostly it will be  covered with furniture etc.

Moving on when the stencilling is done go ahead with your paint brush and paint over the lines. Trust me it doesn’t have to be perfect and it wont be perfect but its OKAY. No one will be able to notice it or maybe you will because you painted it 🙂

But the bottom line is just keep on painting and dont just stop because of one curve or one pattern turned out all wonky. In the end everything will be fine.


Another wall i did was with a colored background

DIY Wall Stencil

DIY Wall Stencil

i did this in the color silver.


While i was painting it

While i was painting it

I then did another room aswell im telling you wall stencilling is addictive. This was done in another pattern as well but in the color silver again.

DIY Hand Stencil

DIY Hand Stencil


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