Nutella Honeycomb Chocolate Cake

Honeycomb Nutella Chocolate Cake

Honeycomb Nutella Chocolate Cake


This is one of those recipes which can never actually go wrong  because of the secret ingredient MAYONNAISE.  Yup it turns out exactly the same every time fudgy, gooey and oh so  yummy.

Its a pretty simple no nonsense cake i just added in Nutella and some honeycomb this time to make it all fancy  😉


Add in all the wet ingredients egg, water, mayo and vanilla and sugar beat it all together until combined.

In another bowl add in all the dry ingredients oat flour, salt , b.soda and cocoa. Add the dry ingredients in three parts into the wet mixture. Then when its all mixed pour it into an already oiled baking tin and bake it for 35 minutes.

When done let it cool and then starts the icing process.

You can do a simple butter and sugar and cocoa icing but this time i whipped 2 packs cream and a jar of Nutella.

process 2

Slice the cake as cleanly and equally as you can and spread the Nutella mixture on the first layer . You can leave it as it is but i sprinkled  some honeycomb that i made earlier. The recipe is on this link

When the first layer is done place the other cake layer  on top and pour the remaining cream mixture spread it as evenly as you can. I added more honeycomb pieces on top afterwards.

And then your’re Done enjoy your fudgy Nutella Honeycomb mayonnaise chocolate cake. Phew that’s a long name 😉



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