DIY Handbag Drab to Glam

Drab to Glam

Drab to Glam

Lately i’m seeing all these studded handbags, purse, clutches etc and that led to this DIY project.

I had an old T-Shirt which had tonnes of studs around the sleeves and the neckline so i took them off and decided to glue it on this handbag.


Then from there started how to place the studs on the bag i tried different ways but the one which looked the best was to glue it the way the bag was designed.

Just add the studs along the design of the bag

Just add the studs along the design of the bag

Then started the process of placing and gluing and then more gluing and then finally it was done.

All DONE :)

All DONE πŸ™‚

Its such a simple idea but gave the bag a total transformation.

What do you guys think ?


5 thoughts on “DIY Handbag Drab to Glam

  1. Wow I love the transformation! Your work is so neat and clean. It looks amazing. Once you start a business please let me know πŸ˜ƒ

  2. Awesome clutch. So edgy. I came over from a comment you left on my blog and as I was clicking around this really got my attention. I always hate to spend money on a clutch since I only carry one once in a blue moon. But this I would so do.

    Shannon ~

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