Clutch Makeover

Clutch Makeover

Clutch Makeover

So this was a no brainer the poor old purse needed a makeover like ASAP.I had never used this clutch ever and from its before picture it seems otherwise.

There was so much  discolouration before  and it was just a very plain simple purse without any WOW factor. So began operation give the clutch a “WOW” factor ;).

First i spray painted it with the same color as the purse in Silver Chrome because i wanted to cover up the discoloured area.

Spray painted it and add a diamond trim

Spray painted it and add a diamond trim

I tried to add some lines with the painter tapes which can be seen a little bit but that part isn’t important i was just trying to add something extra but didn’t work out the way i wanted it to

So anywho moving on with the whole clutch now in all silver  FINALLY i went ahead and added a lace trim in the same design as the purse in a semi-circular curve.

Also i had a stud trim  and a blue/turquoise bracelet which i absolutely loved but never wore it because it was too huge for my wrist so why not incorporate it in this DIY right ? 😉trims

I  added those along the same design of the diamond trim. The leftover silver stud trim i glued it vertically across just to give some sort of a design element. The blue from the bracelet added a  yummy pop of color.

Halfway through the makeover

Halfway through the Makeover

When that was all done i added spare diamonds on the vertical stud trim just to give it a finished look and then that was it.

All Done.





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