Sunglass Case Transformed into a Clutch


This is one of my favourite DIY transformations so far of turning an ordinary sunglasses case into a cute little clutch. All these solid boxy clutches can be seen everywhere so why not make one yourself . Why not put the sunglasses case to good use eh 😉

So i had this brown patterned eyeglass case never noticed i had this before until i came about doing this project. It was the perfect size could fit my phone and lip gloss etc so i went ahead and used it.



Firstly i drilled two holes at the opening of the case so i could attach my ring which would make it easier to open the clutch and to cover the brown color i spray painted it Chrome Silver.

Drill two holes

Drill two holes

With the holes drilled into it and spray painted i used a ring and a bracelet and earring set to cover the clutch.

jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjI loved this set but i had  never worn it because the bracelet was to loose for my wrist . So i attached the ring on the case  by weaving a silver ribbon through the holes that i drilled and tied a knot underneath it aswell as  glued it on top so that it was completely secure.DSC_0068

When the ring was attached i took the flower bracelet and started to glue away the pretty flowers. I detached the bracelet  using pliers and then simply went ahead and glued it onto the case.

Glue the jewllery

If you guys want it simple no need to add the jewellery or anything you can stop at the part where i added the ring but i always like to go a bit overboard 😉

And that’s it all Done. How cute is that Right ? 🙂

Sunglass case Makeover

CLutch makeover

clutchLinking to


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