No Sew Lampshade Makeover

pinI had bought alot of sequence fabric which  i was going to use to make  cute cushions with but that plan kind of just fizzled out and i ended up giving these lampshades a makeover .



This is how the lamp looked initially  so i went ahead and started attaching the sequence fabric with Thumb Pins. Yup that’s it thumb pins how convenient is that Right?

Thumb pin Makeover

Thumb pin Makeover

This literally took me like 5 mins and the whole lampshade just transformed. I was going to keep it this way but it wasn’t going with my overall gold setting so i  spray painted it Gold and that’s it . It was Done .

lamp goldd

Since this was such an easy project i went ahead and gave another lamp shade a transformation.



The compulsory before shot 😉

lampshade before

I did this spray paint/painters tape stripes type thing on it but i wasn’t really happy with it and nor was my little foofa as you can clearly see 😉

So i blinged  it out and did the same exact thing used thumb pins and covered it all up

Also the  lamp base i covered it with Silver Chrome Spray Paint.

And that’s it two easy DIY projects done in under 10 mins i think 😉


sequence lampshade


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