Banana Pancakes

Three Ingredient Pancake

Three Ingredient Pancake

When your bananas are about to go bad you know  its time to make Banana Pancakes.

This recipe is pretty simple you only need three ingredients.

Mash 4 Bananas , Add in 2 Eggs and mix it together. I like to keep some pieces chunky so when you take a bite of the pancake  you get a chunks of bananas.

Add in 3tbsp Oat flour or any flour for that matter. If you want to keep it literally carb free skip the flour and just use eggs and bananas and that makes delicious pancakes on its own aswell.

Then just pour spoonfuls of the pancake batter into the frying pan and cook it. Depending on how thick it is the cooking time will vary mine took 5 mins on each side.

While its cooking sprinkle some walnuts on top or some chocolate chips. I like the added crunch that’s why i sprinkled some walnuts but you guys can skip it :).

Before serving i added slices of bananas , sprinkled cottage cheese, more walnuts and drizzled alot of honey.

And that’s it Banana Pancakes Done 🙂

bana pin1

These pictures of  drizzling syrup on the pancakes look so effortless but its alot of  work. Who knew .

Thank god for my sister who helped me out with the drizzle while i tried to take ‘somewhat’ professional pictures 😉


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