Orange and Lemon Heaven


When life gives you alot of “oranges” you should definitely eat them whole with all the fibre and gain tonnes of benefits ;). But if thats not what you want to do so make this delicious Orange and Lemon heaven you wont regret it i promise.


Oranges and Lemons are packed with Vitamin C and loaded with antioxidants. Helps prevent cancer and alkalises the body. Which is my favourite part of all because its really important to bring your body to a balanced pH level and Orange and Lemons have that magic to do so because higher levels of acidity in the body is where Cancer thrives and nobody wants that. So why not make this delicious drink and get yourself neutralized ;).

So the recipe is pretty straightforward depending on how  much you want to drink you should juice the oranges. I normally juice 4 oranges for myself because i think of it like this  will i be able to eat 4 whole oranges in one day or in one sitting that i am juicing them in one go. Thats just how I’m programmed you guys don’t need to think to much just juice as much as you want you can never have enough of  oranges anyways.


After you’ve juiced the oranges add in 1 whole lemon to give it that extra tangy flavour plus i like to overdose on my Vitamin C so why not just have more of it while you can.

And that is it your refreshing drink is all ready. I have it first thing in the morning the energy it gives me no coffee or energy drink can ever replace.

Enjoy 🙂



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