Mini Chicken Pies


These mini chicken pies are a mixture  of a quiche/pie nonetheless it tastes delicious so no one really care what it actually is as long as it tastes good Right ? 🙂

So starting off i stir fried the chicken which i had marinaded in all sorts of different spices you guys can keep it simple as well vinegar, salt and black pepper and add in other spices that you guys likes to give it some  extra heat.

pro 1

While the chicken is cooking add in chopped onions i added in three small onion .Also add in garlic, green chilli and oregano. Let it cook for about 20 mins or until chicken is fully cooked.

While that’s  cooking start the process of making the pie base or the crust.

The procedure is very simple you need oat flour, salt , yeast , sugar, oil and water


I used two cups oat flour added in a 1 tsp of salt and sugar.

pro 2

Take around 1 cup lukewarm water and dissolve the yeast in it if you guys are using instant yeast no need for dissolving it in the yeast throw it directly in the flour.  Pour in about 2 tbsp of oil and then mix everything together until a ball is formed and from there let it sit for 20 minutes while you prepare the sauce.

The sauce is basically how you make a quiche topping. You need milk, eggs and cheese i used both mozzarella and cottage cheese.


Blend all the ingredients in the blender as its the easiest way to get everything evenly mixed plus pouring it afterwards on the mini pies gets alot easier aswell. Before blending add in salt and pepper and some oregano too.


Place the dough in the cupcake tray and if you want to get all fancy press the sides with a fork to get that dent that all pies have but you guys can always skip this part.

Baked the Crust for 15mins until they look crispy then take them out add in the chicken filling as well as top it off with the quiche sauce.

From there bake it for another 30 mins until the top part is golden brown.

There you have it your Mini Chicken Pies are all Done 🙂



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