DIY Herringbone Wall Makeover


So a few days back i gave a complete makeover to a spare room that we had neglected far too long. The room had such potential to become a cute room because its more like a sun room with the sun filtering through it plus in winters its a very comfortable room to enjoy and read a book while sipping coffee. Anyways the point is no one wanted to sit there because it was just a sad room so why not add a pop of color and make it lively Right and what better way to inject color then to go with bright Yellow 🙂

I will post all the other stuff that i did a makeover off in later posts but today its all about the Herringbone wall 🙂

So firstly i started off with the taping part which can be a very tedious process but luckily i had some help and in this particular room the ceiling is low which made it ten times more easier and quicker.First of i added the tape vertically about 17 inches apart which resulted in 7 vertical stripes in total . Then in the herringbone pattern i added the stripes in a diagonal way it was supposedly 8 inches apart but by the end i really didn’t care i was just guesstimating and turned out pretty good anyways so why bother with precision right 🙂


When it was all taped up and ready to go i went ahead and applied a base coat which was the same color as the existing wall paint. I painted it on top of the masking tape so to seal everything in because i didn’t want any wonky lines and leakages through the tape when i applied the yellow paint on top.



I know it  looks  darker then the base coat but when it dried it totally blended into the wall.

Next i went ahead and with my roller brush applied my Lime Yellow color all over the wall and then waited for like an hour before i peeled the tape off. Dont wait for it too fully dry it should still be a bit wet before you peel off the tape.


Its so exciting when you peel the tape and get to see the final results but dont just rip it off all at once you have to be gentle with it.

It took me about a total of 3 hours from start to finish and the results are totally worth it. When the sun rays hit the wall it turns into a very bright yellow which brightens up the whole room instantly. This shot i took early morning when there was a little sunlight.

And there you have it so bright and lively.





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