DIY Table Makeover




As i promised this is the part 2 of the sun room transformation. More makeover posts will come along but today it is about the transformation of the black table into a  bright chevron and herringbone table 😉

I always end up taking really bad before pictures iv noticed maybe because im always in such a hurry and so excited to begin the project that i’m just like snap snap take random pictures even if its blurry and then i start with the makeover. Sigh i need to keep my excitement under control from now  on but just visualize the table being all black and completely bland 🙂

The table clearly did not make sense in the sun room after i painted the wall entirely yellow and that in herringbone pattern so why not herringbone this baby aswell. Overdose on herringbone is always a good thing in my opinion 😉

Firstly i went ahead and gave a good several coats of white spray paint to the entire table until no black was visible and then let the table dry for a day.

The next day i went ahead and started the work on the drawer since thats the first thing you notice in the front of the table so it had to POP.

So why not just go all herringbone right. No brainer 😉


How cute is that right instantly just brightened everything up.

Next  i had this idea of doing the top of the table in a complete chevron pattern. So i started off with the taping the table and then i realized i didn’t have enough masking tape to cover the whole entire table with. Just Wonderful.

So i stepped back and just thought if i just do one strip of chevron that cant look bad either. Its chevron after all be it tonnes of chevron or a little dose of chevron either way its all good. And thats what i did 🙂


I taped the table, spray painted the whole table yellow and when it dried i peeled of the tape and VOILA . Not bad Right ?


So that was it a herringbone and chevron makeover. What do yo guys think 🙂

And more posts to come of what i did in the sun room so stick around.

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