DIY Eyeliner with Coconut Oil

diy eyeline

So this DIY is more like a tip but i will still go ahead and do a complete post because i think everyone should know how easy and convenient this actually is.

I had an empty container of MAC’s blacktrack fluidline which i really loved hence i still kept the little container with me but since it was empty now i thought why not make your own eyeliner Right ? 😉

Its very simple you just need 2 simple ingredients coconut oil, black eyeshadow and an empty container. You can do it with any eye shadow color you guys like but since i wanted to somewhat replicate the MAC’s fluidline i went ahead with black.


I had some whipped coconut oil lying around from my lemon+coconut oil moisturizer project so i went ahead and used it for this DIY.

And you guys no need to whip the coconut oil it should just be in its solid state thats all you need. Depending on the size of the container as well as how much you want to make scoop out the coconut oil. Do keep in mind the ratio of coconut oil to eye shadow. The eye shadow should be more then the coconut oil.


No need to take out as much i did later on i scooped out the excess coconut oil.

Then just go ahead and scrape off the eye shadow so you get a fine black powder.If you guys want to keep it as natural as possible use activated charcoal but i wanted this to be a quick little tip hence the eye shadow 🙂

And thats about it .Mix it completely and incorporate the eye shadow with the coconut oil fully.

There you have it your very own Eyeliner is Ready 🙂


11 thoughts on “DIY Eyeliner with Coconut Oil

  1. I am obsessed with coconut oil, I think it’s a great beauty staple. I have never thought of this, thanks for the idea will be trying this out for sure! xx

  2. Hey, I tried this out because I love coconut oil. However when I applied it on, it wasn’t as vibrant as I thought it would be… Is there anyway I can fix this? Thanks so much! 🙂

  3. Hey Sarah glad you tried it out. Depending on how much coconut oil you used. The final product should be very thick almost clumpy type that should give you a very vibrant result.
    Plus sometimes i go back and apply a little black eye shadow over the coconut oil eye liner to make it darker and give it a matte effect. But mostly its supposed to do with the amount of coconut oil used initially as you only need very tiny amount. Hope it helped 🙂

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