DIY Rug Makeover

Rug Makeover

So i had this rug lying around for quite some time like years and years and its state was pretty much in shambles. It was ripping about in some areas , it was fading and it was screaming for a makeover.

Honestly i had no set plan for this rug the only thing i had in mind was that it had to have alot of color like alot , i dont care how much but i want alot of color. You get the point ;).

So to cover the original work i basically cut out a fabric piece exactly the same size of the rug which was in the color white. When that was done i went ahead and applied glue all over the edges of the rug to keep the fabric in place and since this rug was pretty much used my entire life so i had no problem applying glue all over it 😉

pro 1

When thats all done you can wait for it to dry or like me just start taping whatever design you like. I went ahead with a very simple design in later posts i will show you how i did the herringbone pattern but today its all about keeping it simple.

When it was all taped i went ahead with a purple spray paint color and sprayed all over. Wait for it to dry and Voila you have a cute rug ready .You could stop here but since my mission was to make it as colourful as possible so  i continued 😉

pro 2

So came out the fabric paints to give that extra added pop of color.

pro 3And since im really obsessed with Mod triangles these days i went in a triangular pattern all over the white areas of the rug which i had taped. Also later i will post a Mod Triangle Rug that i made for the sun room so stay tuned 🙂

Anyways coming back to this rug i used a paint brush to get the design of the triangle since i lover to see the brush strokes but if that’s not your cup of tea you guys could use sponges cut in a shape of a triangle to make life more easier and smoother.


And just paint away and have fun with it.

DSC_0480And there you have it your very own , bright, funky rug is all Done.

In later posts i will show you how the herringbone and Mod Triangle Rug i made but right now lets just enjoy this rug. Shall we ? 🙂



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