DIY : A Herringbone Affair

herringbone diy

So a very close friend of mine who just recently got married wanted to decorate her room. And after looking at the Herringbone Painting that i did here’ s the link she wanted to make one for her room aswell.

Thus started our artistic endeavour ;). I’ve done a tutorial on how i went about my herringbone wall art but since i took more clearer pictures this time around  so why not just post the step by step again Right 🙂

So starting off with a clear white canvas paint away with whatever color you like.We chose royal blue, sea green, oranges, red, yellow and bright pink to add that POP of color. It doesn’t really matter what sort of paint you use it can be oil or acrylic we used a mixture of both but for blending purposes my friend was all for the acrylic ones.

herringbone proAfter our little “masterpiece” was done we let it sit overnight to completely dry since the oil based paints take more time to dry out so its better to give it a to  day to dry completely.

Then the next day started the taping part which can be pain as i’ve already mentioned when i did my herringbone painting but i chilled out and relaxed while my friend did all the hard work since she wanted it to be Perfect or as she puts it Professional looking ;).

herringbone pro2Look at what an amazing job she did with the taping Right ? Then just go ahead and spray paint on top with your choice of color.We went with white like the original painting. Then let it dry before you peel it off.

And there you have it your Herringbone masterpiece is Ready. So pretty 🙂


herringbone diy1



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