DIY Rope Bottle

rope bottle

If you open Pinterest you will be bombarded  with these cute DIY Rope Bottles so i thought why not give it a shot and make one for myself.

I had an empty ketchup bottle to begin with no need to bother with taking of the label or anything because it will be covered all with rope so why put in the extra effort Right ? 🙂

I chose a thin rope for this bottle. Start of at the top and when you are wrapping it tape one side of the rope onto the bottle and then go around so its easier and doesn’t get loose as you go down. And just go round and round until the bottle is completely covered.

pro 1

I left the bottom area empty because firstly my rope finished and when i looked at it, i kinda liked it not being completely covered.

And lastly i went ahead with a gold trim that i had and just randomly wrapped it  around the whole bottle over the rope.

Plus the other gold glitter bottles in the picture were also recycled.One was some tomato sauce bottle and the other one was i think a cream cheese bottle. Just cover it with glue completely and sprinkle glitter on top.

Such a cute idea to re-use all those empty bottles in the house.

diy rope bottle


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