DIY Shoe Makeover

diy shoe makeover

I know the shoe before wasn’t that bad that it actually needed a makeover but the thing is i was just bored with it. I have seen enough of bows on ballet flats hence the makeover was required.

I love the coral color of the shoes but the bow was just not my cup of tea any more and i am loving studs on shoes trend these days so that was  the theme i wanted for this pair.

So to start of i could have used plain and simple studs and i had plenty of studs leftover after the Diy handbag Drab to Glam project that i did but i didn’t because i saw these button shells and i was  intrigued by them. I had to have these on my shoes somehow but the issue was that  the underside of the button shells were hollow so i wasn’t quiet  sure if they would stick onto the shoe. But knowing me i still went ahead with it 😉

With a packet of button shells in my hand i started the DIY project and prayed they would hold onto the shoe.You guys can buy these from fabric stores who have fancy trims, laces and buttons available they would definitely have these shells with them aswell.


So one by one i applied glue to the hollow side of the button shell and placed them around the shoe. When that was all done i gave it a day to dry completely before i tested them out.

And to my surprise it did actually hold on and its been a month since i have been wearing them constantly and not a single one of them has fallen off. I should have had more faith to begin with 😉

As always whenever i plan to do a photo shoot guess who has to poke its nose into everything


But anyways hope you guys enjoyed this simple makeover its such an easy way to dress up your old shoes  🙂



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