DIY Decoupage Table Makeover

diy tablebefore an afterThis makeover is  part three of the sun room transformation. We had this table in the sun room you know the plastic table and chair set that is usually used for sitting outside  thats where this table came from. It was just plain and simple a dull grey plastic table. What can one possibly do to it to make it look a bit presentable. Then i remembered when i decoupaged a book shelf which i had in the basement. You guys can check it out here Aztec/Tribal Book Shelf Makeover.

This was a perfect idea because on top of the table was the manufacturer/company’s name embossed into the plastic and it had this not so pretty design so lets just say decoupage was a life saver.

Decoupage is a very simple process you need glue and magazine paper or any coloured paper you want to use. I used magazine papers for this table and just roughly placed them until the whole top was covered. I applied glue on top aswell as on the bottom of the magazine paper to seal everything in. A  good tip is to mix the glue with water so you get a paste. Take a paintbrush and paint the glue on top so it gets in everywhere.


Wait for the table to dry completely then with a cutter go around the design of the table to cut off the excess newspaper. You will get a clean and sharp curricular top.

Ofocurse before  i started the decoupage process i went ahead and spray painted the table in Bright Gold and Chrome Silver  to give it a two toned effect rather then spraying the entire table in one color. When the spray paint was dry then i started with the decoupage.

There you have it a cheap plastic table given a complete transformation. The tray i used on top basically came out of a makeup gift box. It was curvy and had an interesting design to it so i went ahead taped masking tape on a diagonal and spray painted one side Gold and the other Silver so to match the two toned color of the table.

Also i spray painted some rocks in Gold and used it as decoration on the tray.

And there you have it 🙂



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