DIY Gold Herringbone Side Table Makeover

side table herring

I think we all have established that i am like the biggest fan of herringbone there ever was and ever will be.Literally my whole house herringbone-d but i still cant seem to get enough of it.

table front 2

So this makeover is a sort of a continuation from my previous post Makeover a Corner of Your Room. I loved it how it was but since i am spending alot of time on Pinterest more then i should be and seeing all these cute Herringbone Table Makeovers i was like Thats it ENOUGH this table is getting herringboned.

BUT before we start the makeover lets have little reminder as to how this beauty used to look before. Shall we πŸ˜‰


Yup i know no need to tell me, so lets try to erase this image out of our head and proceed to the good stuff.

First i had to decide how i wanted to tape the whole thing do i want a chevron pattern or do i want a herringbone pattern. Such hard decisions i have to make i tell you . This is what i ended up with after a long debate with myself basically πŸ˜‰

I could have kept the pattern Β in one direction but changed my mind and went the other route and made the patterns face opposite each other. I like it this way it gives it sort of a flow.

Then i went ahead and used my trusty can of Bright Gold Spray Paint gave it a good 2 coats and then waited for it to dry.


I always love the part of taking off the tape its like unwrapping your birthday presents and even though i know how it will turn out because i have done this pattern a million times it still never gets old.My Β level of excitement is just criminal.

gold herringbone

You guys cant even imagine how i had to control myself to stop and take this picture because when you start taking off the tape there’s no stopping but i still managed too. I Didn’t know i had so much self control in me HAH. Learning new things everyday πŸ˜‰

sidetable front

And thats it you have a cute little Gold Herringbone Side Table now.


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