No Bake Cheesecake Cups

no bake cheesecake cupsThis is like your typical straightforward , ready in 5 mins cheesecake recipe which never fails. I normally use condensed milk for the sweetener but this time around  i just used sugar but with the condensed milk it makes it more richer and creamier in texture but also in my opinion way to sweet.

cheesecake cups

So starting off crush the biscuits i used ordinary candy biscuits which have alot of crunch to them so it gives the cheesecake that much needed texture. You guys could also use Oreo biscuits if you want  more of a chocolate base.

biscuitNormally when making cheesecake during this part melted butter is poured in over the biscuits to pack everything together and then kept in the freezer for around 30 mins so it gets solid but i skipped this step as i was using cups and also i didn’t want to add butter on top of all the cream and cheese.

add crumbsSpoon in the crushed biscuits you could use all of them at once like i did  or save some so you could make layers with the cheesecake mixture.

biscuit crumbsNext prepare the cheesecake filling which takes literally 5 mins. I used a hand mixer to whisk everything together and to make it all creamy.

chheesecake procedureWhen the cheesecake mixture is thoroughly mixed i went ahead and  kept it in the freezer for 15mins just so it thickened up a bit before spooning it into the cups.

add cheesecakeAnd then take the mixture out and spoon it into the cups as much as you want. If you don’t like plain cheesecake and prefer a chocolate-y version you can mix in a jar of Nutella, and when i normally do that i completely skip out sugar as Nutella already has enough of it.

To top off the cheesecake i made chocolate sauce which is pretty basic and can be easily replaced with the store bought Hershey Chocolate Sauce.

hershey sauce

After 20 mins it turns into a thick dark chocolate syrup. For this you need 3tbsp sugar, 1tsp v.essence, 1 tbsp cocoa powder and add milk. Add in 1tbsp butter aswell and then let it simmer for 20mins.

Top off your cheesecake cups with this chocolate syrup you can wait for the cheesecake to harden before adding the sauce so it forms a layer on top i did not have the patience so i just drizzled it on top which obviously made it sink to the bottom but that’s okay with me i would rather have my dessert now then to wait for it like an hour before i get to eat it 😉

chocolate sauce

And there you have it your No Bake Cheesecake Cups are Ready .

no bake cheesecake

choco cheese


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