Ombre Herringbone Wall Art & Earthen Vase

Ombre Herringbone Wall Art

So i had like  alot of green paint leftover from a guest room that i painted recently which i will show you in later posts but for today I will show you what i did with the remaining paint.

I bought three colors of green which were lemon green, light green and apple green. The room for which i bought it for i painted it in an ombre color so with that theme in mind i literally “ombre-ed” everything. Like no joke i mean everything.


So starting of with the wall art. I had an old wall hanging lying about in my house for God knows how long and it needed a facelift like ASAP. I ripped of the art work quiet happily which left me with a completely blank canvas to work with.

frame before

Next i went ahead and spray painted the entire frame purple. Gave it two good coats of purple and let it dry for a bit before starting the painting process.

spray paint the frame purpleI eye balled the stripes as i have no patience for measuring and when i thought they seemed equal enough i taped it all up.

Starting of with the  Light Green i then moved towards the darker shades. I applied a thick coat of paint on every layer so to hide that “beautiful”  brown color.

fill in the gapsWith the painting all done i took off the tape and the gaps which were left  from the masking tape i quickly went ahead and filled it in.

I could have not used masking tape and  just marked out a vertical line but i found that taping it was easier and filling in the gaps later on was even easier at least the hassle of “Is everything straight or not?” i didn’t have to deal with. So the masking tape route was totally the way to go.

herringbone tapeWith the painting all done i waited for a day until everything was fully dry and then starting taping it into the herringbone pattern the next day.

On the darkest color which was apple green i painted over it with light green. The middle stripe which was lemon green i went over it with apple green and on the light green i went over with lemon green. Well now that everyone is confused we can move on 😉

So i just painted away until everything was done and let it dry for half an hour.

herringbone doneThen the fun part started taking off the tape.

Initially my plan was to paint over with the color grey. And my plan was when i took off the tape and if i  dont like it all  i’ll go over it with grey but i actually fell in love with how it turned out. Not bad Right ? 😉

take of the tapeSo there you go the  green Ombre Herringbone Wall Art all Done

green ombree

ombre wall

Moving onto the Earthen Vase which  literally took 5 mins to be completely painted. I planned on spray painting it golden at first but since i had so much supply of green why not just use it on this aswell.

pot beforeI just split it into three equal parts thankfully there were lines dividing it because of its design so i didn’t have to really put in any effort of dividing it precisely with masking tape or anything.

paint it greenTrying to get into every nook and corner possible with my paint brush.

I started with the lightest color on top and darkest on the bottom.

ombre green potAnd there you go all done. How cute does that look?

ombre potSo this was my double dose of Ombre projects that i did recently all combined into one post.

old art painting makeover


What do you guys think ?

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