DIY Candle Makeover

candle makeoverLately I’ve been on a kick of doing  DIY projects which only take 5 mins  from start to finish. So  just like the woven basket makeover my today’s victim were these candles.

They were plain simple candles which i got from Ikea. I love the colors of these candles but they just needed that extra something.

candles beforeWe rarely ever light the candles in our house as there just used for decoration. It only made sense to make them extra pretty then right?

Knowing i would never light them up i could use spray paint on it and i went with the color Bright Gold.

tape candlesI taped the purple candle horizontally while the green one in a vertical pattern, no herringbone or chevron this time around this was going to be a completely simple DIY project.

Next i had alot of these button shells leftover from my Shoe Makeover Project.

button holder

They were perfect for this DIY especially since it was hollow from the other side, so it would grip the candles easily because its wax.No need for any glue or anything.Keeping things completely simple here as i said before.

I went ahead gave the candles a good two coats of Gold spray paint and started placing the button shells on it. I thought it would be pretty easy just a slight push and it will go in the wax but these candles were just not having it . After alot of struggling and fighting okay maybe I’m exaggerating a bit like after 5 mins they were Done 😉

And there you have it so simple yet so cute.

diy candles

What do you guys think?

candle make

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