Guest Room Makeover

guest room makeover

After giving both the lounges a makeover which you guys can see here and here  my next target was the guest bedroom. The room needed a lot of color injected into it because it doesn’t get much sunlight plus the existing furniture in the room is dark in color therefore i wanted it to be as vibrant as possible.

So I was looking up at wall designs for inspiration and saw  these beautiful ombre walls i mean i wanted it to be initially all shaded and flowing as the original ombre is from one color to another but i was to scared to experiment with it so i went with the masking tape route where you can see the different shades of green individually.

The room before was completely bland.The Mirorr Wall hanging was the only thing pretty which of course is also made by yours truly 😉 but other then that it was just a dull room.


before side

Plus the room isnt that big either so adding a vibrant color was going to make it look bigger well hopefully thats what i thought it would do.

I bought three shades of green Lemon, Light and Apple green.

paintsKnowing i only had three colors i split the wall into 4 parts. The first i kept as the original color then i started with the lightest shade of green and ended it with the darker ones.

divide the walls in stripesWhen the walls were  equally divided  as perfectly as i could, I then went over the masking tape with my base color  to seal everything in so that the green colors don’t seep in plus i wanted the lines to be as crisp as possible.

I let the base color dry for like 15 mins and with my foam roller brush i went ahead and started the Ombre process.

ombre wallsThis is when i was done with the light and lemon green color.I applied two coats of color on every stripe so to make the color as vibrant as possible.

afterAnd that’s how it all turned out.

I changed the beddings of course to go with the Ombre theme.

Onto the accessories part I made a cushion  in a herringbone pattern. With this one i went with the quicker route and used spray paint unlike the DIY i did earlier which you guys can see here . I sprayed purple as a base coat and then taped the fabric into a herringbone pattern and sprayed a dark green color onto it. When that was done i stitched it into a cushion cover and there you have it a cute little herringbone cushion all Done.

pillow diyFor the wall hanging i had an old painting lying about i went ahead painted it all green. Spray painted two rows of chevron in gold and  added thumb tacks along the border. Plus i had a frame which i spray painted gold as well and glued it directly in the middle of the wall hanging.

wall art diyFor the bedside table  i just added a herringbone pattern onto a decoration piece which already was in the room before.

sidetable pieceThe gold gave it an instant uplift. Plus i swapped the lamps from another room with the black lamp which was in the room before. It made the room much more brighter and lighter.

I didn’t really take  a complete picture of the bedroom as I’m always just too excited to start the makeover but on the other side of the room was this towel cabinet.Guys visualize with me here 😉

towel cabinet beforeDull, boring and brown and since i wanted everything to be more brighter i painted this green aswell keeping it line with the theme of the room and with the stencil which you guys can see in the picture i painted a chevron pattern in gold.

towel cabinet afterAnd this is how it turned out. Much better.

I intentionally went with it not being perfect i like to see the brush strokes as it gives a cottage type feel in my opinion. Plus the decoration pieces on the cabinet were also random pieces from around the house all spray painted Gold.

And there you have it a cute little Guest Room Makeover. What do you guys think ?

guest room makeover

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