5min Mirror and Lamp Transformation

So just like my Woven Basket and DIY Candle Makeover these two DIY project which i will show you today went through the same treatment of being done in under 5 mins. I could have gone all fancy with it but I’m kind of addicted with simple projects these days 🙂

So just like that lets move onto Project number 1 which was this really simple Mirror Makeover.

mirror beforeDont get me wrong i used to love this mirror. Actually my Aunt did the whole glass painting on it. But since I’ve been looking at this mirror day in and day out for like almost my whole life so it was high time that it needed  a change.

So i taped the mirror all up.

tape the mirrorAnd since keeping it simple was the rule of the day i just took my Gold Spray Paint and gave it a good two to three coats and let it dry.

I wanted to do a silver and gold stripe combo before but i seriously did not have the patience for equally dividing the mirror into proper stripes and all that jazz. So monotone was the way to go.

And this is how it turned out.

gold mirror after

What do you guys think ?

gold mirror

Moving on to project number 2. I had a lamp like a very plain lamp in my dining room and i had alot of shiny gold fabric so why not use the two together and make something out of it.

lamp before

The lamp was like a perfect canvas for literally anything.I could have  used spray paint and made a chevron pattern or my favourite herringbone. I could have used fabric paints and painted over it.I mean the possibilities were endless but I DIDN’T I just used my best friend common pins for this transformation. Keeping it real SIMPLE .Plus i like the fact that if i get bored with it i can always take it off and try something new on it.

So starting off with the gold fabric.

gold metallic fabricIt was super shiny and it frayed like crazy as soon as you cut into it.

I thought i would be able to  cut out a chevron pattern out of it and call it a day BOY was i wrong this material was a complete pain to work it. So the easiest route was to cut some simple strips out of it. And that’s exactly what i did.

lamp makeoverVoila  lamp makeover DONE. I cut out two circles later on and added them in between the gold strips  because i thought it looked too empty. And with my common pins i just went around the entire lamp until the strips were in there proper place.

And  there you go  double dose of Gold projects in one day.

Hope you guys like it 🙂

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