Geometric Wall Art Makeover

geometric wall Art So i was cleaning out the basement room and came across this very old Wall Art like from my grandmothers era and as you guys know me you would know what’s about to  come next ofcourse it was a quick DIY Project Time. wall art before This was the Wall Art i discovered in the basement  it was pretty old and just not lively enough. No offence to the birds  but i was just over them and they had to go. Out with the old in the with the New I say ;). Anyways lately I’ve been obsessing over anything and everything geometric from wall designs to cushions etc. Theres something about those clean symmetrical lines which i am completely loving these days and my Pinterest page is proof of my obsession i cannot stop pinning Geometric patterns. So i decided to experiment with some geometric love on this  beautiful Wall Art. I had these Glitter Cardstock left from earlier projects that i had done which you can see here and here. Some awkward bits and pieces were left which were perfect for me to cut Triangles out of in different shapes and sizes. triangle cut outs Initially I wanted all the triangles to be  perfect but my “perfection” lasted only 5 seconds i mean who am i kidding i cant do perfection i like things being a bit wonky 😉 So first I painted the Wall Art in a fluorescent pink color and the border in a Lemon Yellow shade. lemon yellow The Hot Pink  is clearly my favourite color these days which is quiet obvious with the state the tube is in.So i quickly painted the Wall Art and i didn’t let the painting to dry because no one has any time to use glue and paste the Triangles on top, so with the paint being wet the triangles adhered perfectly onto the Wall Art no need for glue or anything. geometric I just placed them one after the other and this is how it turned out. Super Quick and Fun to do. The colors i am completely in love with so Bright and Delicious. What do you guys think? Geometric triangles wall art


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4 thoughts on “Geometric Wall Art Makeover

  1. hahaha! I lhear ya! Wouldn’t want ot offend those birds…. But your new design is a little bit more up to date, I think! Love the glitter card-stock all wonky….!! 🙂
    “hugs” Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

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