Basement Room Makeover: One Room Challenge

I’m so excited that I’m finally participating in the One Room Challenge this time around which is hosted by the lovely Linda at Calling it Home.This is like the perfect motivation for me to start working on my basement room which i have been neglecting for far too long. Literally that room is now used as a dump room.So this One Room Challenge is the perfect opportunity and the best motivation to get me started working on it. Plus knowing so many others are in it together makes it even more fun so why not Right?

So to start of the mandatory before shots of my basement room. Just so you guys know the situation is pretty bad in that room as i said its literally like used as a dump room so I’m warning you guys beforehand 🙂

chair and divider side

Okay so this is how it looks when you enter you get to see an empty shelf a very boring and brown plus sad looking book shelf i might add.

divider before

The wall above it we used to have a huge Wall Art but i took it off and used it to hang it in some other room which left this room even more empty looking then ever before. I have so many ideas for this bookshelf though like i could add mirror panels in the frame and hang the wooden planks on the wall after painting it and everything. But that seems like alot of hard work so I’m guessing il stick to painting it and let see where that takes me. Plus as soon as you enter you also get to see a Black Office Chair which literally no one ever uses but its just still stored away in the room.

office black chair before

Pretty basic black old office chair.

So for the bookshelf and the office chair the idea that i have in mind is  somewhat along these lines

I’m really loving this color palette of the purples and the pinks for the book shelf and the chevron type design going on i really want to incorporate this design some way or the other.

For the black office chair i want to go completely opposite and super loud with a very bright fabric and bold colors. Something like this cute little chair

I’m thinking the arms and the base of the chair something along the lines of a bright yellow color something really contrasting to the black color it is actually is right now.

So moving on to the rest of the room beware things are going to get pretty bad from here on out 🙂 so as you enter in the room you get to see this lovely table.


Its a really good thing that its covered because you guys do not want to see whats really underneath it. But obviously why would i want you guys to miss out on the real fun so ofocurse you get to see all the goodies. Behold the beautiful mess

table before

Yup this table is our secret corner where we stash all the junk. But I had to give you guys a complete visual so you know this had to be done. Trust me this image makes me cringe. So the table isnt that bad actually and i have been obsessed with only one thing that i want to do on this table which i probably will end up doing anyways. I want a diamond pattern stencilled out on the table somewhat like this


Yup this is it I’m sold. This is definitely happening ASAP. I need this in my life. I’ll probably use the same pink and purple color palette that i’ll use for the bookshelf and the diamonds on top will be in Gold.

So moving onto the rest of the tour of the room

room view as you enter

There’s a full length mirror on the opposite wall of the bookshelf. This room is used for all sorts of purposes be it exercise or i used to use it for sewing. Or for watching TV etc. But no one really uses it anymore since its so utterly boring. The side walls that are left on the mirror wall i want to do like a geometric pattern on the wall something like a hexagon or Mod Triangle with a Sharpie though since I’m planning on using alot of pattern in this room so dont want to go extremely overboard. But I’m still not sure will see.

Also the wall above the table is also very bare and i really haven’t thought so much as to what i will do with it.

space above the table

I was just on Pinterest today and saw this very cute pattern for the wall.Something definitely like this but i’m so not sure which colors to use and all. Plus i don’t want the diamond pattern of the table to clash with the pattern of the wall.

So on the other side of the mirror wall there is yet another chair.

chair before

An old dining room chair sitting in the corner this is definitely getting color injected into it like the Black office Chair somewhat like this cute little chair



So in the mirror you can see that the other side of the room has full wall length bookshelf which i wont really work on firstly its going to be too much work and I’m thinking if i just use some decoration pieces that ties n with the rest of the room the brown color of the bookshelf wont be that much in your face but lets see maybe after six weeks  i might be painting it too but who knows 🙂

Plus we have another office chair in this room to God knows why we have so many.

office chair before


This is definitely  getting a color treatment aswell i  have coral and lime green color in my mind for this chair.

So thats pretty much it for the room tour. For the walls i need ideas like should i keep it one color or should i go the geometric pattern route. I’m so not sure.I probably will focus on the chairs and the tables etc first then will think about the walls. Six weeks are going to fly by and the amount of work that needs to be done in this room like i don’t even want to think about it. Buts its going to be so much fun.Next week will update you guys on what I’ve done and  hopefully things start coming together 🙂


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12 thoughts on “Basement Room Makeover: One Room Challenge

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, Anam! I was just as embarrassed to post “before” pictures as you, but hey, the transformation will be that much sweeter! Good luck! Look forward to seeing your progress!

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