Week 2 Basement Room Makeover: One Room Challenge

When i first got to know about the dates for the One Room Challenge  i was like this is perfect i will be completely free for those six weeks and i can give my whole time to this project but BOY was i wrong life happened and i literally have no time to focus on this room because of weddings and guests and dinners plus my sleeping routine is out of whack these days so what little time i have i try to invest in this room.

That’s a whole different story that when i do actually try to start anything in the room I’m just completely blank because I’m just at a loss from where to actually begin and to start what project first. And an top of everything I’m leaving town  for a few days tomorrow but i wanted to quickly post an update on the room before i leave.

So first things first lets start with the chairs. I finally bought a blue patterned fabric like the inspiration that i showed you guys in week one which you can see  here.

Oh and how i could i forget when i do start working on the room i have to endure the saddest face of my lil Foofster.


Now do you guys  see what i have to deal with.This is what i get endless hours of stares which makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong like I’m the bad guy when I’m only trying to make things look pretty. Anyways atleast you guys can also see the blue patterned cloth in the picture aswell. The picture had a dual purpose after all 😉

chair before

So i used this fabric for both the black office chair and this dining room chair. I painted the entire chair in the color Summer Pink and when it was dry i attached the fabric on top.


This is how it looks as of now. I honestly didn’t even get time to take proper pictures just snapped away some random ones for this quick room update post. Will invest more time in the pictures when the final reveal takes place 🙂

Moving on with the same Summer Pink color i gave the brown table a good two to three coats.


Got rid of all the clutter and now you guys can finally see the table clearly.


I wanted the gold diamond print on it if you guys remember from my week one post. So i achieved it with my trusty masking tape. I taped away the entire pattern on the top, side and front drawers of the table. I took the drawer handles out and I’m thinking of spraying them gold but now i want them to have a  contrasting color something like blue or yellow. Still not sure though.


When the table was all taped up i used gold paint and painted the entire table gold. I could have used spray paint but since this room is in the basement the smell of the spray paint would have driven everyone completely crazy so i went with the lesser smelly version and used paint instead.


The final pictures of course you guys will see when the final reveal takes place but I’m just glad that atleast things are coming together even when i have literally a few hours to invest in this room. Things have started moving along and that’s making me happy.

The bookshelf at the entrance also got some paint treatment.

PicMonkey Collage

This is the color i ended up with which I’m still not sure about maybe when i start making the chevron pattern on top of it i end up liking it. Who knows.

So this is basically where i am right now the black office chair is almost done. The grey office chair needs to be sorted. I need to work on the wall treatments and i need some wall hangings for the room. If i get time will focus on the rug aswell but for now i am quiet happy that atleast some work has started.

Now i have to go pack up my stuff for tomorrows trip so i shall see you guys next week hopefully with more updates 🙂

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