Week 3 Basement Room Makeover: One Room Challenge

And we are halfway through, its already Week 3 of the ORC. Time is literally flying by and with what little time i could get I finally managed to work on all the chairs I found the perfect coral stripe fabric for the Gray office chair and the other black office chair is completely done. Phew!

At least the chairs are done so now my focus is on the walls. In week 1 I shared with you guys how i wanted a geometric pattern on the wall so now my wall looks somewhat like this


Its still not fully done and I’m thinking i wont completely cover the entire wall just the middle area. And select some random squares and brush some gold paint here and there with the lavender color. Lets see how that turns out.

The book shelf that i painted earlier in Mauve, now i had to tackle its shelves and paint them too.

DSC_0252I wanted to keep the same design as i had on the wall but then I went a different route.

tape diamond

Which i absolutely hated. I think i was just  super tired that day so i slept over it woke up the next day took of the tape and taped it in my trusty old friend herringbone pattern, all four of the wood panels. Now i am at peace FINALLY because the above diamond design whatever you can call it was so not working for me.

tape dia

And i found these Styrofoam panels. There pretty huge I was about to throw them out when I realized I could use these in basement room ,the space between the mirror wall which was completely empty before.

room view as you enter

And these were the perfect size. So i taped them up in the same triangle design and painted away with the lavender and mauve colors.

As of now this is how it looks

triangles Will add some gold details later on and then install them up on the wall.

So basically this is what i have been upto with what little time I get I try to squeeze in painting away this room.

I’m still not sure if I should fully paint the wall or just keep a small panel in the middle I guess will make the decision when I actually get the whole middle panel complete .But anyways  this is it for week 3  🙂


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