9 Ways to Re-Style Your Bedroom

So today I am going to do things a bit differently around here i have a guest post by a lovely blogger Kathy who like me loves everything DIY and home decoration related. Thankyou Kathy for your guest post.

I am Kathy Joe- a simple girl with a simple passion of home decor & interior designing. I love doing different experiments with home decor and re-creating things. I am so happy to be guest posting on Delicious and DIY today. Contact me here.

 9 Ways to Re-Style Your Bedroom  
If it has been a while since you last ‘did’ your bedroom, perhaps
now is the right time for a quick renovation? If you cannot afford to
buy new furniture and wallpaper or paint for your bedroom, do not
despair: help is at hand. The following nine tips will help you to turn
your décor look into something fresh and enliven your bedroom,
without necessitating the expenditure of too much of your hard-earned
cash! So read on through and see if any of these tips appeal to you?

1 Go Long!

Change your short, window-hugging curtains for long, floor-length ones.
The longer your curtains, the more gravitas and drama they provide to
your bedroom décor, emphasising the height and elegance of the room and
bringing a new maturity to your décor.

 2 Back to Basics

If you feel that your bedroom is becoming fussy and overdone, strip it
back to the mere basics, leaving a stark minimalist feel with plenty of
hideaway storage to conceal all your clutter and necessities and provide
a wonderful clean backdrop for some big bold artworks on the walls.

 3 Bedding Delight

The easiest, cheapest and simplest way to transform your bedroom décor
is to simply change the bedding to something dramatic and bold, picking
out strong accent colours and whimsical features. (Of course, if bold
and bright is what you already have as a décor scheme, switch to
something pale, soft and delicate instead!) The bed and therefore the
bedding is almost always an automatic focal point in the bedroom due to
the size and placement of the bed, so make the most of it.

4 Cushion Luxury

Add a huge pile of luxurious cushions to the top third of your bed to
create a wonderfully welcoming and glamorous air to the room. Cushions
are inviting, something well known and frequently used by the best
interior decorators, so make the most of your cushions by decking them
out in deeply textured, tactile and sumptuous fabrics. I am in love with the cushions available at Yorkshire Linen Co. because they are beautifully made.

5 Fitted Cupboards

If you have a decent decorating budget, why not install some built in
cupboards in your bedroom? While you will not be able to rearrange your
room as freely as with freestanding furniture, you will be more than
pleased with the extra storage space such an innovation can offer. The
rest of the room will seem so much larger and open that you will wonder
why you did not install the built-in cupboards much sooner! I recently got fitted cupboards for my home from Sliderobes.

 6 Cushions and Throws

Cushions and throws are brilliant at enhancing your bedroom.They can
brighten and improve even bland and slightly boring bedrooms! Invest in several sets of cushion covers
with matching, or at least harmonising, throws so that you can quickly
play up whichever aspect of your bedroom décor appeals to you the most
at the time.

 7 Add Soft Lighting

Rather than sticking with a single, harsh overhead bulb, fill your
bedroom with soft and gentle lighting by using side lamps and
uplighters. Dimmer switches, while something of an expense, are well
worth it, allowing you to range from clear bright light to a gentle
bedtime glow.

8 Accessories

Just as the right accessories help to make an outfit, the right
accessories make a bedroom. Choose accessories that fit well into your
décor scheme, preferably a matching set, that will bring a certain
elegant something to the décor.

 9 Well, Stripe Me!

Bold and colourful stripes are a great addition to any room, allowing
you to make the most of all your décor colours, rather than having to
pick just one. Stripes can be subtle or bold, depending on your personal
taste and with the right bedding, cushions and other features can be as
noticeable or muted as you like. Begin with a small, thin stripe and
then if you like it, perhaps make them a little bigger and bolder!


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