For The Love of Herringbone

This is a quick little makeover that I did recently taking some time out of the One Room Challenge.It was short, quick and I loved doing it.

So basically there were these two niches that needed a quick uplift. I don’t really have a before shot  I have an almost midway shot but if you really want the true before shot just visualize it being completely purple before the silver and gold mess that I created.



So with all the paint that i had leftover from the One Room Challenge, I literally used every colour on this niche.

Taped it all up and painted over it.


Summer Pink, Lavender, Mauve and Grey were the colours I went with and prayed to the Lord that it made sense when I took of the masking tape.

And Voilà



Not to shabby after all eh 😉


I love how the Gold peeks through the Herringbone pattern.


And there you have it a short little DIY creation that I loved doing recently, thought I should share it with you guys aswell 🙂


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