Office Chair Gets A Spring Makeover

When I started the process of giving this Office Chair a Makeover the one thing that  I wanted from the get go was a fabric which had a colourful pattern to it something which meant Spring, Fun and Lively. That was the only reason I wanted to give this chair a makeover plus I had seen years and years of it being dull, black and boring.Its an office chair you cant really expect much glamour out of it anywyas.

If you guys want to get some more Spring Inspiration like I did hop on over to One Kings Lane Home Decor Handbook

Colour, vibrant and pattern was what I wanted and that was what I was going to get.

The office chair before

office black chair before

A complete black on black action going on. Not much action though but alot of black going on.

I wanted a 360 degree transformation for this chair and how else can you go completely opposite to black is by using a bright Lemon Yellow colour to paint all over the chair.

yellow paint

I painted the base of the chair to the sides and also the wheels. It needed a good two to three coats to cover up the black colour.

After it was completely dry I went ahead with the fabric makeover.

I didn’t do any professional re-upholstery but I used my trusty common pins YUP common pins you heard me, don’t underestimate common pins they are some pretty sturdy, useful little things. I used them when I transformed my dining room chairs into a bench which you can see here. And its been about 6 months or more and that fabric has not moved an inch and you literally cant even see the pins plus they wont end up poking you so don’t worry about that either.

Moving on when I found the perfect fabric with the bright coloured pattern I wanted I started pinning it around the shape of the chair. Hold the fabric as tight as you can when pinning it around that will result in it giving a professional look.

common pin

Pin away as if  your life depended on it 😉

And there you have it a black office chair gets the Spring Treatment.

office chair side

Now how easy was that. Love how the colours are perfect for Spring.

office chair floral

Goes to show how some colour and pattern can change the look of a chair.

office chair makeWhat do you guys think ?





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