Week 4 Basement Room Makeover: One Room Challenge

It’s week 4 and things are coming together and its making me happy.This week i tried to complete the wall but more of my focus was cleaning out the room and making space.The bookshelf that covers the whole wall of the room needed to be sorted out, plus as it was a complete dump room initially, alot of junk had to be thrown out that took up most of my time but that really needed to be done. At least now you can breathe in that room OK maybe I’m just exaggerating  but its clutter free and now I can really focus on what final touches need to be added 🙂

So anyways moving on the wall that I completed. Added some random gold details on the wall which apparently look brown in the picture. I’m thinking I should just do the whole complete wall the middle portion being painted makes me feel that I just left the job half done.

diagonal wall design

Plus I like how the wall looks with my Gold and Pink diamond pattern table.

This table makes me really happy I am loving the pattern.

table top

Plus I finally took pictures of the black office chair which looked like this before

office black chair before

And now with some paint and some fabric change it looks like this

office chair side


Finally at least I can look at the chair now before that I was ready to throw it away.

So now I have to figure out some decoration pieces , work on the rug and I still haven’t done anything about the wall which has the mirror on it.Two more weeks left before the final reveal better get to work 🙂


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