Week 5 Basement Room Makeover: One Room Challenge

Week 5 is here already and this week I wanted to just focus on the smaller stuff add some final touches and just chill out.But oh no no no how could that be possible with a billion ideas running around in my head. I have never had so many ideas and felt super confused at the same time when making over a room like I have been with this basement room.

You  guys can check out week 1, week 2, week 3 and week 4 if you want to see how I have been doing throughout this challenge.

So anyways moving on you guys remember these


Well they don’t exist any more one fine day I woke up I went down and I was just over them, they were even installed up on the wall took them off and threw them away I just could not stand the mere sight of them any more. So now I had a completely bare wall all over again I mean this wall will be the reason for my insanity I’m telling you guys.

So I mixed up lavender and mauve and painted the whole entire wall in sheer frustration. Which was a good thing because atleast the wall was painted and bad being i did it in such speed that the next day when I woke up I was completely broken. But that still didn’t stop me I was looking over my Pinterest board and remembered that I had this Mod Triangle Wall image pinned on one of my boards. And that was exactly what I was going to do on this wall. Made my trusty DIY Mod Triangle Stamp Voilà


Yup looks pretty beaten up because I stamped it to death. So after a million broken wrists and bones and stamps later I ended up with this pattern on the wall.



You guys will get to see the full wall on the final reveal day of course ;).By no means is it supposed to be perfect so just stamp away and you will end up with something like I did.

Moving on, for wall hangings one of our friends gave us this wall hanging a while back and I thought it would work out perfectly for this basement room.

The before


I loved the gold frame and all the gold detailing so I kept all of that and just came up with something for the the middle part and added some colour on the sides.


Taped it all up and painted it in a Blue and yellow combination.


Painted it all Gold, keeping in with the theme and there you have it.



Will hang it up above the bookshelf wall.

So I thought everything is pretty much done and I just had have to clean up the place now but  Lo and Behold I found another chair in dire need of a makeover.


Just when I thought this room was finally complete. Sigh. Will probably paint it blue and use the same fabric that I used for the office chairs.

When the chair is done then I can move onto the rug which I have been delaying since forever. I honestly at this point just want the room to be complete because the more time I have the more changes I start making and then I end up with a completely different plan then the one I initially started off with which  ends up driving me crazy.

Next week is the final week the reveal , Thank God its here but  I need to start working in hyper speed if I want this room to be fully finished. Lets see how that goes 🙂


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10 thoughts on “Week 5 Basement Room Makeover: One Room Challenge

  1. You really accomplished a lot last week. I completely understand last minute changes, sometimes your original plan doesn’t work out – love the changes so far though. Good luck in week 5, I’m sure everything will look great!

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