Geometric Bowl Makeover

triangle bowl

A simple and cute DIY that I did recently. I went to the store bought all these paint colors which got me all excited to paint and  and thankfully i had this clay bowl to experiment all the colors on.

bowl before

First it got a coat of light blue on the inside and on the outside I used a royal blue shade.

blue bowl

And from this point on I forgot to take pictures because I was so into painting the bowl that when it was all done then I it hit me.

So basically I just used painters tape and taped out the pattern. And  the Acrylic colors that I bought I just painted away random triangles in whatever color felt right. When that was all done I used my Gold Sharpie and outlined the triangle and the rim of the bowl.

And that was it.Done.

bowl makeover

geometric tray

geometric triangle tray


You can use it for anything keep jewellery in it , perfumes etc or you can just display it as it is since its so pretty 😉




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