DIY Shoe Makeover

I know the shoe before wasn’t that bad that it actually needed a makeover but the thing is i was just bored with it. I have seen enough of bows on ballet flats hence the makeover was required. I love … Continue reading

Sunglass Case Transformed into a Clutch

This is one of my favourite DIY transformations so far of turning an ordinary sunglasses case into a cute little clutch. All these solid boxy clutches can be seen everywhere so why not make one yourself . Why not put … Continue reading

DIY Handbag Drab to Glam

Lately i’m seeing all these studded handbags, purse, clutches etc and that led to this DIY project. I had an old T-Shirt which had tonnes of studs around the sleeves and the neckline so i took them off and decided … Continue reading