DIY Dining Room Chairs Transformed Into a Bench

Dining Room Chairs Turned into a Fancy Bench

Dining Room Chairs Turned into a Fancy Bench

I saw this idea  floating around on the internet  and since i had alot of these chairs just randomly placed all over the house without any purpose so why not just stick them together and make it into a pretty bench.

All of the tutorials i saw called for some level of construction and since i have zero skills in drilling or sawing etc i went with the easiest route possible , i warn you this is way to easy like way way way easy .

I tied them together with a rope as you can see a glimpse of it in the above picture and that is all that was needed literally they would not budge. The mandatory before and after shot

Before And After

Before And After

So for the filling i had a fluffy quilt which i literally plopped in the middle and threw on this funky pattern cloth on top to cover everything up. Cut out some strips added on the side and on the ropes to cover it and make it look somewhat of a bench and less of  dining room chairs stuck together in a weird way.

And my secret of how i got the cloth so perfectly on top to cover everything is that i used common pins like okay i needed like 300 pins but it was beyond easy i mean way easier then sewing it. And honestly the pins are so good that its been several months and the cloth hasn’t budged or the pins coming out or anything of that sort.

Also i spray painted the chairs  golden beforehand since the brown color was too dull. For the cushions i bought the same color fabric so they could obviously match plus added the same pattern on the cushion and frayed the sides a so it looked a bit peacock feather-ish.

The pillows looked like this before

Cushions Before

Cushions Before

Dining Room Chairs Makeover

Dining Room Chairs Makeover

Any who this took me literally a few hours i think more time was wasted on how i would execute it without any drilling tools etc. Its so comfortable and looks pretty cute as well.

What do you guys think ?

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