DIY Formal Lounge Makeover

after lounge

This was one of my favourite projects aswell as one of the longest i might add because i am constantly adding in more and more things in this room but i think i should hold my horses and let it be as it is for now.

I love before and afters there like my favourite things in the world be it home make overs, weight loss makeovers or remember that show What Not To Wear i would literally just watch that show for the before and after at the end.

But anyways moving on to my formal lounge makeover 🙂

When we moved into our new home about six years ago we sort of  just placed the furniture and everything without too much thought  and just went with it. But just to tell you guys beforehand i didnt think the lounge was that bad before except for the color of the sofas. I just could not digest that dark greenish color other then that i was fine with the whole lounge.But then started my hours and hours of surfing on Pinterest and the DIY in me just had to something about the room . Let me show you guys the before so you will have an idea of what i am talking about.


Now when i look back at it i think to myself that why did it take me six years to realize how absolutely bare the walls and in general the whole room was but in my defence  i was busy with my studies and didn’t have time to scratch my head let alone notice the “bare” walls. Now thankfully i am done and have more time to be creative so this project was the the first thing on my agenda.

before 2

As you can see it was dark,dull and absolutely bare and the only thing i wanted was for it to look  absolutely vibrant and colourful.

Everything in this room is a  DIY project except for the sofas they were professionally re-upholstered. I have already posted alot of the projects before so i will add them here in one place so you guys can see one by one as to  how it all came together.

loung formal

All the followings links will open up in a new window so feel free to click them.

Starting with the wall.I hand painted the it with Gold Paint and a cardboard stencil that i made at home you guys can check out the whole procedure over here on DIY Wall Stencilling

Then came the art work. This was somewhat of a take on the herringbone pattern.You guys can check  out how i made it here on DIY: A Herringbone Affair


The Gold Mirror was also one of my favourite things to make and you guys can check it out here on DIY Mirror Makeover. It looks so pretty now in the corner and goes with the whole orange and gold theme.

Next we shall proceed to the gold lamp. This was literally like a 5min project and you guys can see it here on DIY No Sew Lampshade Makeover and see for yourself how easy it actually is.

Also I added small pink and gold cute tables in between the sofa areas  and you can see how they were made over here on Cute Table Makeover

And in general most of the decoration pieces were given a good coat of Gold Spray Paint and now everything goes with the theme of the room.


The last thing i did was the rug I still haven’t done a post on how i made it but if you guys want me to show you the step by step shoot me a comment and i will do a post on it.

And this was basically it my Formal Lounge Makeover.

What do you guys think ?


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